Side view showing temple or arm of Quick 7.9  reading glasses by Nannini of Italy bottle green
Quick 7.9 reading glasses by Nannini of Italy Bottle Green 3/4 view
Head-on view of Quick 7.9 lightweight reading glasses by Nannini of Italy Bottle Green
Free with purchase Nannini eyeglass hard protective case

Nannini Quick 7.9 Lightweight Italian Reading Glasses with Case; Bottle Green

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Why do we love everything Italian? Italian cuisine? A language musical to the ears? Elegant minimalist design and style? They're all the hallmarks of the Italian people. As are Quick 7.9 blue light blocking readers from world-renown Nannini.

Named for their weight, Nannini's Quick 7.9 readers weigh in at just 7.9 grams! They don't weigh much, but their quality is unmatched.

The Quick 7.9 frame is made of TR-90 surgical plastic, a polymer from which surgical implements are made. Surgeons prefer TR-90 because the material is ridiculously flexible and durable, and "grips" extraordinarily well.

Also, you won't believe how lightweight it is. These lightweight Blue Light glasses may feel "flimsy," but they're not. They're extremely flexible and durable! You'll love how absolutely comfortable they feel.

Quick 7.9's lenses are made from crystal clear scratch-resistant CR39 lens material and every pair is digitally verified for proper focal alignment.

You'll hardly know you're wearing them, except for your crisp close-up vision and the appreciation you'll receive for your jazzy new look.

Your Quick 7.9 Readers ship FREE to any address in the 50 United States or DC. Overseas shipping is available.

And your eyewear will arrive with a free protective hard "quick case" as our gift to you for your purchase.

Comprehensive measurements:
Frame Width: 5.5” / 139mm
Temple Length: 5.5” / 139mm
Lens Width: 2” / 50mm
Lens Height: 1” / 26mm
Bridge Width: 0.9” / 22mm