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4 eyeglass holders by Pablo Picasso. Buy them at Reading Glasses.CO/
Babette withglasses and pens by Pablo Picasso. Buy them at Reading Glasses.CO/

Picasso Eyeglass and Pen Rest from Muzeum®Design

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The amazing beauty unique of Pablo Picasso's art is further inspired by this abstract Picasso pottery designed by Muzeum.

Each piece is collectible, hand-painted in the style of Pablo Picasso.

Every piece is unique, no two are exactly alike: Monique, Babette, and Amanda. All 3 are jaw-dropping, all 3 will gladly hold your pens, pencils, in addition to your eyewear. Keep yours on your desk, dresser or nightstand as it stands on its feet—prepared to serve you. 

4 7/8" high, 3 1/2" across the bottom.

A great convenience, a wonderful gift!




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