Unique for it's Italian breeding, these Pince Nez reading glasses are lightweight
Italian bred, these clear lightweight Pince Nez reading glasses are flexible
For a unique look and practical reader, out Italian bred clear lightweight Pince Nez reading glasses are real conversation piece.
They're a lightweight and practical reader, They're Italian bred clear and lightweight Pince Nez reading glasses are real conversation piece.
3/4 view of lightweight flexible clear pince nez reading glasses
Pince Nez that fit in your wallet "just in case."

Pince-nez ["pinch nose"] Reading Glasses. Small, Lightweight, Flexible.

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Rugged, flexible, and great looking. Great for every day, but small enough to fit in your pocket.

A design only the Italians could life, inspire, and craft.  

You'd be lucky to have these brilliant 100% Italian-designed & made pince-nez reading glasses. Wear them every day, or keep them in your wallet for the times you lose or forget your glasses.  

What happens when you really need your reading glasses but can't find them? These can be "emergency" readers that can be ready and at your service!

They're also a terrific conversation piece because they look really cool! They'll arrive in a tiny laminated box, smaller than a credit card, that will fit in your wallet.
  • Lightweight and flexible
  • Crystal clear quality scratch-resistant lenses
  • Frame constructed of durable polycarbonate
  • Ultra-compact
  • Smaller than the size of a credit card
  • Adapts to all nose shapes and sizes.

Your Nannini pince-nez reading glasses are ultra-thin and surprisingly lightweight, and they'll fit conveniently in your wallet.

Shipping is FREE to your address within the 50 United States and DC. Worldwide shipping is available, too.

Frame size: Approx. 3.375" x 2" x 0.0625"
Lens Size: Approx. 1.3.75" diameter