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Your eyes communicate silently for you and often reveal your thoughts and emotions. That’s because your eyes are said to be the "windows to the soul," since they’re linked to the brain and can reflect your deepest thoughts and feelings.

Your eyes can reveal if you’re telling the truth or lying. When you’re lying (we know you never lie!), you probably avoid eye contact, blink more frequently or have dilated pupils. On the other hand, when you’re telling the truth, you likely maintain steady eye contact and your pupils remain normal-sized. 

woman looking through heart shaped glassesEyes also reveal your emotions. As an example, when you’re happy, your eyes may appear bright and wide open. But when you’re sad, your eyes may be droopy or watery. When you’re angry, your eyes may have a hard look, or you may squint.

Your eyes can also reveal your level of interest in a conversation. When you’re engaged and interested, you generally maintain eye contact, whereas when you aren’t interested, you may avoid eye contact or look around the room.

The right eyewear can improve the perception others have of you, by taking the focus of others off your eyes. It's a prop that hides what your eyes are "thinking." That’s a great trick you can play with the right reading glasses.

The windows to your health also show up in your eyes. Sometimes, signs of imminent health issues turn up in your eyes before they appear elsewhere. Without you having to utter a word, your eye doctor can detect signs of  diseases including diabetes, hypertension, and inflammatory diseases like Crohn's disease, colitis, and lupus as well as some cancer types. There are indicators of genetic disorders, dietary and vitamin deficits, even stress.

And, not unimportantly, annual eye exams with your eyes dilatated are crucial for maintaining your overall health as well as for updating your eyeglass prescription. Such an exam may indicate your need for new readers, too.