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Many say the best way is to consult an optometrist. But when we asked our Park Avenue ophthalmologist, he replied, “Unless the patient's annual eye exam dictates otherwise, the use of off-the-shelf readers from a website or retail store will work fine. They won't harm the eyes.”

He further told us that for purposes of economy, he advises his "non-patients" to use one of the charts available at most reading glasses points-of-sale like the one found here  (be sure to read and follow the instructions printed on it) still life photo with reading glasses strength chart
and to select a pair they feel looks good on them.
We all need an annual eye exam. Some people have astigmatism and other anomalies that need correction that aren't made by retail readers. They require more complex diagnoses and measurements than simple magnification. As we grow older, more serious conditions can develop, too.

But if your goal is simply to magnify the fine print on a page or do other close-up work, a pair of reading glasses bought at retail can serve you well. 

Styles change and purchasing readers from a website is the easiest and most convenient way to identify great new, or perennial styles. (We must admit, though, we're prejudiced!)

It seems, over time, our schedules have become more and more jammed with things we have to do and places we have to go. Why not streamline all that activity, by shopping websites like ReadingGlasses.CO/.

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