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I want to "move like Jagger."

I recently saw Mick display his well-known dance movements with the same vigor as when I caught him live at Madison Square Garden in 1975. Despite appearing much older, he still has that cool rocker style.
Rock Star Flag
There are several more veteran rockers whose current stage performances demonstrate they've also survived the turbulent rock lifestyle. I'm curious as to what their trick is.

They must have a lot of late nights. I'm in bed by ten. 

They travel constantly and presumably, consume a lot of fast food. I do my best to eat healthy.

I exercise, but can only wish I had the endurance of a rock star.  And those tight pants days are far behind me.

Rock stars almost never wear hip reading glasses (at least while performing). Maybe they wear their "coolness" off stage. To read anything up-close I've got to wear reading glasses (or pull my reading material close to my eyes and squint).

What do you think motivates today's cadre of aging rock stars to want to continue touring—despite being far past retirement age?

My guess? They don't have to worry about how they'll pay for their college education. Or their childrens'.

What's the mystery behind their timeless style? It has to be the fulfillment that comes from pursuing your passion. That's what I say, hello.