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Asking questions is a tactic often used when people wish to appear less introverted, to be perceived as well-rounded; to appear interested in others; and even to business people who wish to signal to their colleagues they're engaged in the conversation and are paying attention. (Questions are the domain of intelligent people too. As are reading glasses!)

Author Brian Grazer

Having been an employer for many years, my best guidance, besides knowing about the corporation at which one is interviewing, is "ask questions." Decades before I started my own business,  I was able to get the job offer the majority of the time.  My secret: make inquiries to get the hiring manager to discuss her- or himself, talk about the organization, and about the industry in which the organization is involved. It’s not difficult, but it does require you stop fidgeting with your reading glasses to be “in the moment” and immersed in the answers you're receiving.

Following many years of extolling the value of questions, I’ve encountered someone who presents the subject much better than I.  And he uses the answers to his questions more uniquely than, perhaps, anyone. Author Brian Grazer is Ron Howard’s associate. Together, they’ve created films like Apollo 13, A Beautiful Mind, Splash, 8 Mile and Friday Night Lights as well as dozens of other big movies. And Grazer has written. I needed my reading glasses to get through the weekend.

​ Grazer’s given a lot of thought to questions and curiosity. Luckily for him, his natural inquisitiveness yanked him off the path to law school to pursue one of the most admired professions in America: major motion picture producer. The show biz industry experiences he uses as examples in the book make it fun to read. ​ His 3 decades of "curiosity conversations" with high-achieving notables have provided the foundation for a lot of his films: He’s had such conversations with LAPD Police Chief Daryl Gates, Jonas Salk, Eminem, Condoleezza Rice, and Isaac Asimov, among many others. How did he get to sit down and speak to these famous people? Tenacity: the strategy that nearly every winning entrepreneur, researcher, and award winner uses to succeed. ​ According to Grazer, if you’re not normally curious, you can get that way with experience. ​ Readers will feel it's worth the attempt. Curiosity has served as a powerful tool for Brian Grazer. As has his spiky hairstyle. A CURIOUS MIND is a terrific book. Get a copy, put on some cool reading glasses, and curl up with it over the weekend.