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A recent sighting of a long-time acquaintance uncharacteristically wearing glasses led me to ask whether she decided to go without her contacts for the day. But she said she’d never worn contacts or glasses! She said she was trying some new: Non-prescription glasses, since she simply liked how she looked in glasses. When I learned her glasses were "plano," (neither magnified readers nor prescription glasses), I was flummoxed. She said, “They’re my new favorite fashion accessory!”

She asked me how I thought she looked, and I replied, "Great." Later, I learned plano glasses are a fashion statement that’s been trendy over the past decade, and my friend is by no means the only one to catch the wave. The trend of eyewear as an accessory can be traced years back to actors, TV personalities, athletes, celebrities, and other high-profile people. The popularity of attitude glasses is growing quickly. They often wore non-prescription glasses on screen, but also when they "went out" to social functions. 

Our Eyes Are Our First Connection

Think about a response that affects us all: the “first impression.” Like me, you may often form quick judgments about new people you meet when they enter your “space” based just on their appearance. I immediately notice how they’re dressed, how they're groomed, their shoes, their hairstyle, and, of course, their eyewear. My initial impressions can vary substantially after we've taken time to chat.

Woman with and without eyeglassesPeople who wear glasses are sometimes stereotyped as being reliable and intellectual. But how could those who wear glasses ever receive such a boost in judgment if “the eyes are the doorway to the soul?” Glasses usually obscure the eyes!

What Are They Trying to Do?

It seems those who wear non-prescription glasses as a fashion statement are looking to achieve something by wearing glasses, despite having no apparent physical need for them. Are those who wear non-prescription glasses attempting to grab some of the advantages of those who genuinely need glasses? Yes! The nerdiest looking eyewear has large, dark-colored rims. And, as you likely know, a lot of people, men and women alike, now go for the nerd look! (Though there are other, more style-driven looks available, too.)

Personally, I like wearing glasses and I have several pairs. I call them my "eyewear wardrobe.  I don’t wear them to reflect my honesty, dependability, intelligence, or a higher social class. I wear them depending on my mood, personality and who I anticipate encountering that day. They are, in fact, an accessory.  I’d still like people to decide for themselves whether I am trustworthy or intelligent, in other words, I’d like people to get to know me before making those kinds of weighty decisions. But that's not how we're wired. Who knew that a pair of glasses may have turned me in to a perceived brainiac!

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