We Love these Italian Readers from Nannini — ReadingGlasses.CO/

There's something special about the way the Italians approach design, isn't there?

The style, the look, the feel—and the unique way they combine design and engineering—is something we Americans envy. Especially eyewear professionals. Yes, they make some cool cars, designer clothing, and other products, too.

 So, in honor of fine Italian design, we present you with the awesome Nannini Compact 1, a magical innovation in folding reading glasses available in 14 colors and 5 diopter strengths.

Nannini Compact 1 in motion

And those 14 colors don't include Nannini's cool Compact 1 computer glasses or Nannini's foldable sun readers.

The Compact 1 starts in its modest little case. It fits almost anywhere, in your pocket or handbag, for example. And don't be concerned about damage to your eyewear, the innovative case is almost indestructible.

It's a simple and convenient case that snaps open, enabling you to just lift your glasses out.

A couple of quick twists & turns—and your reading glasses are in position and ready for immediate use.

Your friends, acquaintances, & colleagues will go shower you with compliments when you're wearing your Nannini Compact 1 readers.

The nice people at Nannini have included a page of "how to use" instructions in an array of languages, too. Neither the glasses nor instructions are complicated but are appreciated by the wearer who needs reassurance.

They're hypoallergenic, scratch-resistant, and they're strong and flexible since the lenses are constructed from optical-grade methacrylate and the temples from and TR90 surgical plastic, widely-known for its strength and flexibility. These advanced materials assure you the Compact 1 is made to last.

The Nannini Compact 1 is so unique, it's patented.

The Nannini's Compact 1 is is the he next big thing.

Nannini Foldable Reading Glasses