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Inbox flooded with subscriptions? Readers are just one answer!

A lot of us receive too many email newsletter "updates." After visiting a site that captures our interest, we subscribe to the site’s newsletter. Or we buy something. The result? An email inbox jammed with stuff you may or may still want to read, but not “now.” I visit a lot of sites covering technology, education & teaching, writing, speaking, new products, entertainment, deals, and more. I enjoy the discoveries I make on the Internet and appreciate the learning experiences. Some websites are so compelling, I want to know more and more. Others are of interest and I don't want to forget the site. Still, others present some fascinating or practical fact in exchange for my email address. All become email subscriptions which, I promise myself, one day I'll sit back, put on a pair of reading glasses and read every single one of them. That hasn't happened in 10 years. My inbox has become a trash bin! I'll bet yours has too. Not long ago, it was fun to receive "an email." Email was the new & unique form of communication It felt great getting them from friends. But email with a promotion for products we were fond of? Exciting! Email from a website "updating" me about the site or blog's topic of focus: magnetic! ​ For that visually crowded inbox, there’s, a free online utility that helps you manage your inbox. Spend just a little time setting it up, and:
  1. It unsubscribes you from whichever e-mail subscriptions you select.
  2. It gathers subscription messages, promotional messages, and other broadcast emails into a summary you’ll receive via email every day, once per day.
With the promise of tremendous time savings, increased efficiency, and performing tasks more efficiently than before personal computers, technology, with all its terrific qualities, hasn't kept its promise, altogether. What with optimizing, defragging, and inbox pruning, my computer takes back a lot of the extra time it adds to my schedule. In fact, I think I'm busier now than I before I had a PC on my desk. Or on my lap. Or in my hand. Do you? ​ So, unless you plan to put on your reading glasses one day and will read all those subscriptions in your inbox, try only facilitates Gmail and Yahoo accounts. Chances are, those are one of the platforms you use for email. And, with the massive amount of email many of us receive, and the promise of reducing eye strain and getting your inbox under control, it’s worth a try.