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Welcome to™, now ReadingGlasses.CO/ the best site on the web to find cool reading glasses. was founded in 2006 by Mark Levit, a University Professor and former New York advertising executive. This blog, the web site, and Levit are all part of a long story. Mark had a fascination with eyewear at an early age.  In fact, he was disappointed to learn, as a youth, he didn't need glasses.  Everyone in his family wore glasses. All the kids at school wore glasses. But young Mark?  They might as well have called him "Mr. 20/20" because he could spot a gnat on a bench far away.  Lucky him!

 Proprietor, The Cool Reading Glasses Site 

Mark Levit, Proprietor LLC But years later, when the onset of presbyopia, or nearsightedness, necessitated he use reading glasses for the first time, he was bummed by the lack of hip over-the-counter styles available. Realizing that he and other Baby Boomers and Gen X’ers wanted more than utilitarian reading glasses from a drug store or web site, Mark searched around for cool styles.  He found a few here & there.  So so bought some for himself. In the mid-90s, during the Internet boom, Levit had been teaching at New York University.  Alice, his Program Director, told him he'd be teaching Internet Marketing. He said he knew nothing about Internet Marketing at the time but would learn about it. He started attending tech meetings in New York, hobnobbed with 26-year-old brainiacs, having raised millions of dollars from investment bankers for their Internet start-ups,  and he listened closely.  Mark learned enough that he could teach undergrads the basics and he became fascinated enough to keep learning more. He even learned to do a little coding! Students said his class was fun.  That motivated him to keep learning more so he could be a better teacher.  Realizing he was "learning by doing," Mark decided to set up a kind of "lab" to teach the same way he was learning. Mark wanted to let his students see and work with not just the part of a web site we all see when we surf the web, but "the back-end," the inner workings that make a site tick. That's when was born. Levit's attraction to eyewear was the basis for the products offered on  He also conducted some marketing research and made up the name "VisAcuity."  [One night he woke up from a deep sleep having put the words "visual acuity" together, he registered the name and had the original site designed and built. ] Mark Levit's research was sound.  In 2006 became the 6th online reading glasses boutique on the web. Today, of course, there are hundreds. Yet is still the leading online boutique for cool reading glasses.  That's because the company stays ahead of the others thanks to his students' unending energy and Levit's market ad technology insights. Almost ten years ago the company was moved to South Florida where Mark began teaching a similar course at the University of Miami when he changed the websit'e address to ReadingGlasses.CO/.  Mark Levit says he couldn't have made the move without and the Internet.  He'd also love to teach another course for adults about establishing a business online. It gives one a kind of freedom a traditional job or physical business cannot. Until then, welcome to, where you'll find cool reading glasses for men & women!

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