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Gels Big Crystal Progressives women's reading glasses cat eye 3-4 ReadingGlasses.CO
Gels Big Crystal Progressives women's reading glasses cat eye angle ReadingGlasses.CO
Crystal Gels Big Progressivescat eye reading glasses by  Scojo New York -- front view
Temple or arm view of Big Progressives Gels cat eye reading glasses in Crystal by Scojo
ReadingGlasses.CO/ progressive lens magnification schematic diagram
Hard eyeglass case with bookmark made of recycled materials for Gels Reading Glasses from ReadingGlasses.CO/

Gels® Big Cat Eye Progressives with Blue Light Filter by Scojo New York®; Crystal

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Big cat eyes, as graceful as a jungle cat.

Progressive lenses make it easy to keep your frame in position enabling you to wear your progressives throughout the entire day!

Look straight ahead and your view is non-magnified.

Look down at your computer screen and the world still remains clear. 

Look down fully and the reading magnification you selected provides you with the exact power you need.

The lenses on these Big Cat Eye Progressives from Scojo block the sleep-disturbing low spectrum blue-violet light as well as UV (up to 73% in the harmful range of 400-435nm). Glare-inducing eyestrain from reflective digital screens is gone, too.

They're lightweight, feature fine optical lenses, and because the temples and bridge are crafted from TR90 surgical plastic, they're super flexible and durable!

We'll pay for shipping to any address within the 50 United States and DC. Worldwide shipping is available, too.

Big Cat Eye Progressive Gels arrive in their own lightweight reclaimable case, free with your order!

Optical measurements:
52 | 18 | 140