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Open box of wipes showing individual packets.
Individual packets of wipes
Box of wipes showing individual packet, a pair of glasses and wipe measurements. .
List of Wipe n Clear benefits
List of various uses, Shown: a hand cleaning a smartphone screen.

Pre-Moistened Eyeglass Lens Cleaning Wipes; Wipe ‘n Clear® Camera, LCD, LED Towelettes. Compare to Zeiss®*

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Handy when you’re on the move! Carry a few with you, rip a packet open, and use it whenever the need arises!

  • 75-count individually wrapped 5"x6" lens wipes
  • Softer wood pulp-based wipe
  • Anti-streak formula for use on eyewear; camera lenses; and computer, phone, and tablet screens
  • Safe for blue light and other coated lenses
  • Formulated to assure crystal clear vision
  • Ingredients: Water, isopropyl alcohol, detergent.

NOTE: Packaging may be different from that pictured.



*Zeiss® is a registered trademark of Carl Zeiss AG

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