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COVID Statement

Dear Friends:

ReadingGlasses.CO/ cares deeply about the health and well-being of our employees, our customers, and community. During these unprecedented times, we are doing everything possible to be supportive of our ReadingGlasses.CO/ family and customers alike. As the vast flow of information continues, we promise to do our best to exercise sound judgment, adjust to circumstances as they unfold, and communicate on a timely basis. 

ReadingGlasses.CO/ remains open to assist our customers in every way possible. We’ve made significant adjustments in light of social distancing requirements and the disrupted business environment. Most of our team is working remotely, while our internal team size has been aligned to sustain operations with the goal of maintaining our high customer service standards. Customers may continue to place orders online at ReadingGlasses.CO/. Our Customer Concierge is also available to assist . 

These times are stressful for everyone. In addition to looking after our loved ones, self-care is important. As we navigate these unchartered waters, you may wish to consider a few things that I’ve found helpful: 

  • Enjoy your family, both in the household and virtually.
  • Practice gratitude and kindness toward others.
  • Take deep breaths/exercise daily/go outside for fresh air/be in nature.
  • Limit media consumption. Watch/read/listen to what makes you happy.
We are all in this together. Sending everyone strength and wellness. 

Mark Levit