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About Us

You help college students attain an understanding of online business when you purchase your reading glasses at ReadingGlasses.CO/

This site, founded in 2006 by Mark Levit, a university professor and former New York advertising executive, was launched as a laboratory—where students could see the "back-end" of a real live operating eCommerce web site

Over time, ReadingGlasses.CO/ has evolved. However, its missions remain constant. This website exists to provide you with the finest in reading eyewear while it continues to be a teaching tool supervised by professionals—it stands ready to serve you and college students as they learn about eCommerce technologies, online promotion, product selection, inventory management, customer service, and much more.

ReadingGlasses.CO/ has become an online reading glasses boutique focused exclusively on cool reading glasses for hip men and women. Like you!

Thank you for getting to know ReadingGlasses.CO/!